WTC Final: Virat Kohli annoyed after umpires review decision despite no DRS call by New Zealand

India captain Virat Kohli expressed disappointment after umpire Richard Illingworth sent an appeal for caught behind upstairs despite New Zealand not seeking a DRS review.

The incident occurred in the 41st over of India’s innings when New Zealand fast bowler Trent Boult decide to appeal for a caught behind that went down the leg side.

However, the DRS timer ran out and there was no way the Kiwis could appeal.

Despite New Zealand not taking a review, umpire Illingworth had a word with the square-leg umpire Michael Gough and decided to send it upstairs for a review.

Since it was not a player review and yet UltraEdge was being checked, the question on everyone’s mind was why did they even check UltraEdge for an umpire review.

Kohli was seemingly asking the same thing and suggesting he thought they were only going to check if it carried cleanly to the keeper.

Umpire Illingworth did tell him something to which Kohli smiled. New Zealand also did not lose a review.

“Funny umpiring there with Virat. No decision given by the umpire and it automatically became a review,” wrote former India opener Virender Sehwag on the moment.

Here are some more reactions on the moment-

What does the law say?

The playing conditions of the game do mention that the umpires were well within rights.

2.2.3 “The third umpire shall determine whether the batsman has been caught, whether the delivery was a Bump Ball, or if the batsman obstructed the field. However, in reviewing the television replay(s), the third umpire shall first check the fairness of the delivery for all decisions involving a catch (all modes of No ball except for the bowler using an Illegal Bowling Action, subject to the proviso that the third umpire may review whether the bowler has used a prohibited Specific Variation under Article 6.2 of the Illegal Bowling Regulations) and whether the batsman has hit the ball.

If the delivery was not a fair delivery or if it is clear to the third umpire that the batsman did not hit the ball he/she shall indicate to the bowler’s end umpire that the batsman is Not out caught, and in the case of an unfair delivery, advise the bowler’s end umpire to signal No ball. See also paragraph 2.5 below. Additionally, if it is clear to the third umpire that the batsman is Out by another mode of dismissal (excluding LBW), or Not out by any mode of dismissal (excluding LBW), he/she shall notify the bowler’s end umpire so that the correct decision can be made.”

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