Trends in Online Gaming

The online gaming industry is constantly developing with the latest trends shaping its future. The COVID-19 pandemic accidentally resulted in a huge expansion of the gaming industry in the sense that people had to stay at home in order to be secure. During such times, online gaming and movies became the most popular entertainment options and the introduction of more advanced technologies in game production has led to radical changes, making online gaming even more thrilling and enjoyable than it has ever been.

Global Gaming Revenues

It is estimated that global gaming revenues will grow by $139 billion from 2020 and reach $203.1 billion by 2022. The number of players worldwide in 2022 will be about 3.24 billion, with Asia dominating the market for gambling which is 1.48 billion players and then Europe (715 millions players). In addition, with the integration of cutting-edge technology into the development of games the trends in gaming to look out for in future in phenomenal.   Here are some of the trends in online gaming to watch out for in 2023 and beyond in the gaming industry.

AR Gaming

Augmented Reality (AR) can be described as an amalgamation of audio and graphics features that are augmented with the real world, permitting players to interact the images in a way that appears to be real-time. When compared the Virtual Reality (VR) gaming that may require specialized VR equipment and a specific location, AR games are able to be played from any device, including smartphones or other gaming systems that are portable.

Cryptocurrency in Gaming

The increasing popularity of bitcoin has led to development of gaming based on cryptocurrency as well as advanced blockchain systems that utilize the latest technologies. Gaming that is based on cryptocurrency is gaining popularity today as it allows players to control a certain portion of the game as well as assets and purchases from one game can be transferred to other games. Thanks to the robust data encryption Blockchains have emerged as an innovative platform for making money and storing assets from gaming.

Gaming and 5G

The advantages of fast speeds and reliability make 5G networks more efficient and friendly for gamers. They are growing in popularity because players don’t have to waste time waiting for buffers when playing competitions based on prizes. 5G is a low latency technology that will enhance 3D virtual worlds, efor Sports Cloud gaming and AR/VR consumption.

gaming and 5 g

Cross-Platform Gaming Accessibility

The console wars could come to an end because cross-platform options are popping up more often. Even though PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo have a few IPs that are exclusive to their systems, but the break-up of multiplayer online gaming has opened the way to more cross-platform games. The availability of multiple systems, the advancement in technology, and lower prices enable cross-platform gaming to become a possibility. Game developers continue to play around with games and are discovering feasible ways to boost the performance of all release systems.

In the past, the platform was the one that determined which groups of gamers a gamer could interact with, cross-platform games have changed that. Xbox, PC, Switch and PlayStation could end up being the preferred choice for gamers as they are able to play with each other regardless of being on different platforms. As the accessibility of this feature increases the possibility of cross-platform becomes more than just a trend .

Cloud-based Gaming

Cloud-based gaming from providers like Google and Microsoft are in use for a long time with their international expansion and adaptability being its main selling point. Cloud-based gaming, also known as on-demand gaming eliminates the requirement to install gaming software device. Instead an internet connection of high speed is essential to stream access to gamers. Thus, high-quality gaming images can be played on inexpensive devices, which would use a significant amount of GPU.

Competitive Gaming and eSports

While esports have been in existence for a while however, they are expanding quickly into the gaming market and are highly sought-after by professionals in the field. It is estimated that the world eSport business will increase by 50% over the year before to be worth one billion in 2022 and will be more than $2 billion by the time 2022’s end. The trend is expected to continue over the next few years as well.

gaming and esports

Gaming Accessories

Wearable electronic gadgets help enhance gaming experience because they are equipped with sensors that inspect measurements, measure, and analyse a player’s performance in real-time. The data can help companies in gaming improve the experience players have while playing.

gaming accessoories

Gaming and Smartphones

With the increased usage of smartphones across the globe and the growing popularity of mobile gaming, the industry is predicted to grow at a steady pace and surpass 1.5 billion players in 2022. In addition, mobile gaming applications can be downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store, which allow gamers to download their favourite games to their phones and play on the internet whenever they wish! The gaming industry is predicted to follow this trend, and invest and gain from this group of gamers.

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