Top 12 Most Popular Online Casino Games

Online Casinos are the online versions of the traditional casinos that you see all over the world.  Just like the brick and mortar casinos, the online casino games also allow gamblers to play and wager on various casino games.

The following is the list of top 12 most popular online casino games played all over the world but particularly in USA, UK, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.  

Free Slot Machines

The fist on the list is the free slot machines or online slot machines games which are extremely popular.  Search on google will reveal that there are many varieties of slot machines available with their rules and betting options. It is a simple and easy game.  To begin with you can practice for free or go through the tutorial that you may find on the particular website.  



Blackjack is one of the most popular games played on the tables. Since it is already a huge draw in casinos, its no wonder the online version is also a favourite of players all around the world.  The thrill that blackjack provides is simply unmatched by any other game.  There are many variants of the game available on the internet.  Various online casino sites offer various gaming options like live blackjack, live dealer blackjack or video blackjack.

In general, there 5 to 7 players on each table.  Each player is dealt 2 cards which is faced either up or down based on the variant of the game.  In most of the variants, the dealer also receives two or more cards. Each card is assigned a value of a number between 2 and 10.  The value is equal to the pip value while face cards are valued at 10. Aces are worth either 1 or 11. The value of a hand is equal to the sum of the cards value.

There are a variety of scenarios that could be feasible. For instance, if a player receives an Ace and a ten-valued card then it is known as”blackjack”.  Unless the dealer also gets an ace, the gambler is rewarded and generally gets an additional bonus. If the player is over 21 points, the player loses regardless of whether the dealer is also over 21. If the dealer is over 21 but the player is not, then the player is declared winner.  If the final amount of the player’s hand exceeds the dealer’s, but is not greater than 21, the player wins. If both the dealer and the player are holding hands that equal the same number, neither wins.

On the internet, you can access more than 100 variations of blackjack that come with various sets of rules and bet options. Additionally live dealer and video versions allow players to interact in a variety of ways with the dealer as well as other players to accommodate the preferences of all players.


Roulette is also a very popular table game in the casinos.  Though it is only a game of chance and luck, it has captured the attention of players for many centuries. In roulette, there are a lot of betting options. Bets can be placed on the number of the pocket that the ball is going to land in, or the number of pockets or on the color of the pocket.  The winning number can also be an odd or even number. The payouts depends on the kind of bet as well as the particular game, the operator and or the table.  Additionally, there are some interesting Roulette variants that have become extremely popular.  For instance, Marvel Roulette, which includes an additional slot that leads to another wheel, where you could be able to win a jackpot.


There are a variety of table games available that are themed around poker. Together they account for 21% of table games. Poker is among the most played card games and is most likely to be the popular of all the games.  There are many variants of this game, but the most well-known are Texas hold’em, as well as the old five-card draw game. The betting options depend on the type of game that you play, and some games also offer the possibility of progressive jackpots.

The reason poker is a gambler’s favorite is that, unlike other gambling games, here nothing is dependent on luck. Strategies, skills and psychology are key aspects in this game.  Poker is a game that requires the most skill and expertise.  If you are new it is possible to improve your game by practicing your game over time.

Poker game can be played in various forms. Live-dealer and live-poker are the most popular variants. Playing poker online makes it most enjoyable as it allows for the proper use of strategy just like you would play it in a brick-and-mortar gambling establishment.


Baccarat is also a popular game forming 9 % of  all the games played at casinos. Baccarat rules are a bit complicated and depend heavily on the version of the game that you are playing. When playing the game online the game software manages everything automatically giving a smooth experience. Only thing left is betting.  Certain casinos also provide side bets on the betting. Baccarat can also be found in live dealer as well as video formats. Before risking any real money it is advisable to play the dummy games to get an idea and gain some experience.


Craps accounts about 6% of all action on the table at casinos. Craps is a dice game in which players bet on the pair of dice.  Players can wager money against each other, called “street craps” or against a bank “casino craps”. The aim of players is to determine the outcome of dice rolls or the sequence of rolls of two dice. The most frequently used bets are “Pass Line”, “Don’t Pass”, “Come” and “Don’t Come”.


Bingo is a wildly popular game and its online version is also quite popular.  Bingo has no place for strategy and only luck is the sole factor which determines your wins. Bingo is an unpredictable game where the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller. The players then tick off all the numbers they see on their own cards.  The player who is able to mark all the numbers first is the winner.   The betting options are many and are dependent on the version of the game.

bingoWheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune, also known as “the Wheel of 6”, is a classic type of casino game.  Wheel of Fortune is an easy game to play.  The wheel is divided into 40 segments and  each is marked with a symbol. The aim is to guess the winning segment.  

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are also the most basic and simple casino game to play. They are designed for avid players and those who don’t have the experience or adequate knowledge to play traditional table games of casinos. The majority of scratch cards on the internet are simply a virtual representation of the real cards and the rules are also simple.


Online casino sites offer a variety of arcade games which you can play for fun. The arcade games may not be typical casino games where you play for cash, but they are still a great way to try something new.  Most of these arcade games are easy to play and don’t require much of skills or expertise.  They can be played free to start with.  However, you can bet to win but the amount may not be too enticing.  Arcade game is not for high rollers.


While Keno is one of the most played gambling table games in casinos, it slipped off the radar for many years. It was first introduced in China before becoming popular in United States during the 1930s. Similar to bingo and lottery, you pick 20 numbers from 1-80 prior to making your wager. After that, a drawing will take place, and then 20 numbers are drawn. The payouts will be contingent on how the games are played.

Similar to other similar casino games, there are a variety of variations of keno,  as well as different ways to play it. For instance, you could select as many as 15 numbers rather than 20 numbers. But, you will need to place bets on every number you select. The more numbers a player chooses and the more numbers are hit, the greater the payout.  Payouts however vary from casino to casino.

kenoPai Gow

Pai Gow game originated from China.  It is also a kind of poker game. For the version that is played in other countries like USA, you have to put your bet with the dealer.  The dealer will deal 7 cards to you.  By using these cards you need to construct two poker hands that are the five card “high” hand and the two-card “low” hand. After that, each player will reveal their cards.

To win, your two- and five-card hands must be better than what the cards the dealer has. Pai Gow usually results in draws for the majority of players. As per the rules the five  cards you hold must have more value that your hands with two cards. Every player competes against the Dealer. This interesting online casino game is available in many online casinos.

pai-gowWhere To Play Online Casino Games ?

There are numerous operators that provide online casino platforms.  However only those casinos who cooperate with a reputable Gambling Commission are legit and safe to play on.  It is in the interest of the operator companies to establish the legitimacy to  the user. Therefore, generally it is easy to locate the page that is dedicated to legal agreements.

Notwithstanding the above, it is recommended to look up review sites and comparison websites which review the most well-known casinos on the internet. This way, you will identify the best casinos which are legit and safe to play with.  Here are some few well-known online casinos online which you could try.

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