Top 10 MMORPG Games to Play in 2023

Do you want to know which are the top 10 MMORPG Games to Play in 2023. I know that no one wants to play a game that is dead and this is especially applicable to MMORPGs. If there are not enough players online then the fun and excitement is lost. No worries, this article will review the Top 10 MMORPG Games to Play in 2023 as well as the MMOs that have received the most updates, and are likely to sustain a healthy player base over the next year and beyond. We will be taking into consideration a lot of parameters so that you know theses are the best online games.

It is important to know the actual number of players in MMORPGs. The majority of MMOs do not actually reveal the number of players in the game, therefore we’ll use other measures to sort the games in this list. The most important thing is that each of these games should have a sufficient population enough to allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest and beat the game’s content.

Hero Wars


Hero Wars is a role-playing online fantasy game that lets you can unlock new skills and fight opponents. You will take on Archdemon and his vile army in the thrilling PvP arena battles and gather the formidable heroes of Dominion throughout the journey. Be a fantasy warrior and leave a lasting legacy as the peaceful protector of Dominion. This game was created by Robin D. Laws.

Hero Wars has vibrant graphics and fun gameplay with an easy-to-use interface. Hero Wars is an idle MMORPG Game that has a character that can be played by anyone from cyborgs, aliens, vampires, and of course furries. Hero Wars is a relaxing game that can be played anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to get started, but it’s also an art to create a strong team to defeat your opponents. For instance, Mojo the shaman isn’t able to cure Dark Star the elf as well as grandma Martha could. Hero Wars is a world that has six unique modes plus war servers with skilled personnel with 100 million users.

Star Wars the Old Republic


Next on the list of “Top 10 MMORPG Games to Play in 2023”  is Star Wars the Old Republic, an animated theme park MMORPG that features a target-based combat system that was launched way back in the year 2011. Since then, the game has featured eight major expansions, and the most recent expansion “Legacy of the Sith” launched at the end of February 2022. SWTOR has done an excellent job of maintaining an active player base over the past decade. The game is highly rated with 89 reviews of positive feedback on Steam. The game offers a wide range of content. It’s the mix of PVP and PVE. It has groups dungeons, solo Dungeons, raid quests PvP Arenas Battlegrounds PVP and galactic starfighter outfits, and daily mission events. The game has a narrative with multiple options for dialogue as well as player housing as strongholds. For player numbers, no precise figures are released, but from a handful of stats, it’s estimated that the sway tours have an active player base that is around 10-20K. There are certainly enough players to form groups to play through all the games, but it’s definitely in decline if would like to fully enjoy the MMO. In the near future, the game may not be on this list again in the future.

Eve Online

eve-onlineEve Online is a free-to-play game that is a community-driven space multiplayer which lets players pick their own way from the many possibilities. It’s the longest-running game on our list of Top 10 MMORPGs to Play in 2023 and is still going well even to this day. In the present time, Eve Online is able to accommodate between 20K to 35k players on the game at any given time which is amazing for an MMO which was launched at the time of its release in 2003.  Since its launch, Eve has seen so many changes that it’s hardly like an MMO from 2003. It’s widely considered to be the most popular space Sandbox MMO. It has a rich story with tales of epic battles in which players have lost millions of dollars of spacecraft. Eve online can be described as a Niche MMO you’ll either love it or dislike it. It’s fun and free but there’s no limit to entry if you’d like to determine if this is the right game that is suitable for you.

RuneScape 3

ruinescapeRuneScape 3 is a different MMORPG Game that has precise data on concurrent players. It generally has between 15-20k gamers on the internet at any given time. For those who aren’t aware, there exist two versions of RuneScape: old-school RuneScape as well as RuneScape 3. RuneScape 3 may be the less popular of the two, but it’s nevertheless, it’s getting regular updates to its content and will likely stay available for many years to be. RuneScape 3 is a completely different game to the classic RuneScape with a completely different combat system, updated graphics, animations and effects, and a variety of capabilities and quests. It’s heavily monetized and, overall, it is a totally different game. RuneScape 3 is still quite good, though it is not a great MMO. The area where it shines is the fully voice-acted missions that are among the top games in the MMORPG genre, as well as the feeling of progress you gain when you level up your abilities. It’s a relaxing MMO that you can play on a second monitor, and that’s why it’s featured on this list.

Guild Wars 2

guild-warsGuild Wars 2 is one of the easiest recommended games in our top 10 MMORPG Game to Play in 2023. It’s an ideal game to play in and out of many times throughout the calendar year because progress is mostly horizontal, not vertical. When you return to the game, it’s simple to resume right from where you left off so that you don’t feel as if you’re ahead. In terms of the player’s numbers, there’s no public information on this. Steam chart numbers aren’t useful since the majority of people utilize the Launcher. If we were to estimate, Guild Wars 2 would have between 30-50k players on the internet throughout the day. If you play the game even at 3 am, you have groups of 50 players that are forming for the map meta events quickly. In terms of game’s content, Guild Wars 2 has an outstanding main storyline running continuously and dungeons raids that are equalized PVP Arena as well as a massive World vs World battles fashion collection, the top mount system available in the MMORPG genre as well as epic meta events.

New World

new-worldNew World is definitely a game that’s still fun to play. This next game on our top 10 MMORPGs to Play in 2023 was launched in 2021 and saw a maximum of one million players just after the game’s launch. The game’s player numbers plummeted over the course of months due to a variety of problems like game-breaking bugs, poor game design, absence of content, and a devastated economy which was fortunately cured by the Brimstone. Sans expansion came out in October 2022, the new world has made its way from mixed to extremely favorable feedback on Steam. The player count has increased from 13k up to 50-60k because the game is only accessible via Steam. The steam charts are a true representation of the actual number of players in New World which isn’t true for many MMOs listed on this list. If you’ve not played New World before this is an open-world action-combat MMO with one of the most effective features within the MMO genre, a great crafting voice and a main questline, and a classless combat system PVP, in the form of arenas, open wells, and battlegrounds. New World will go from growing stronger with every update and in the next few years, we’ll likely have more players than today if it continues to roll out positive updates.

Elder Scrolls Online

elder-scrolls-viOne of the most played MMORPG Games ever since it first came out at the beginning of 2014 Elder Scrolls Online is an MMO that is updated frequently. It has been praised by many and is frequently covered by content creators on YouTube. For content, there’s plenty to suit both PVE and PVP players. There’s Cyrodiil which is a huge open-world PVP zone that includes Siege and territory control mechanics, battlegrounds duels groups dungeons, and solo dungeons, as well as raids. In essence, it offers plenty of options for all players. Elder Scrolls Online falls into the theme park MMO category and features an action-based hybrid system that some feel is discordant due to animation cancellation and the mechanics of weapon swapping. In terms of player counts it’s difficult to establish an accurate account of concurrent play since the game is accessible on a wide range of platforms. The majority of players play through the ESO launcher, and it’s also accessible to play on PS4, PS5, and Xbox One along with the Xbox series XS. It’s estimated that ESO is home to between to 100K players on the internet throughout the day across all platforms. The most important thing is that the game appears crowded during play and it’s simple to find groups and guilds.


RuneScape is most played among the two RuneScape versions, having between 57k and 107k players who are online at any given moment, depending on the day’s time. It’s a game that could be played for many hours playing to test and maximize your account to enjoy all the content. Old-school RuneScape is also home to the highest-quality creators of content on YouTube among all MMORPGs. Old-fashioned RuneScape is about creating your personal goals. It’s a sandbox MMORPG where you can choose which stats would like to increase, in what order you’d like to complete the quests, and the limitations you’d like to put on you. OSRS is accessible on desktop and mobile devices and will be available by 2023. It’s a simple recommendation game. It’s a must-play and one of the most well-designed games for MMORPGs that has ever been created.

Albion Online


Albion is among the most popular MMORPGs that have come from crowdfunding. Since its launch on mobile devices that are cross-platform gaming, the game’s player base completely exploded. At the time of its release, the game was able to reach 271k daily active accounts. since then, the game has had several massive updates, which could have caused the number to increase even further. In terms of the daily number of concurrent players, it is estimated that there will be between 60 to 120k players online at any time. Albion Online is a true Sandbox MMORPG. All of the equipment in this game is created by players. There are some regions in the world with full-priced PVP, and players are able to purchase crafting stations located in cities. Albion has added such a variety of players that there’s something to suit anyone who wants to play solo, group PVP, high-risk PVP, or no-risk PVP, and the same could be said of pure PVE players. Albion Online is a highly well-known MMO with many options for players with regular large-scale changes.

Black Desert Online

blackdesert-onlineBlack Desert Online is an extremely well-known MMORPG and the number of players is massive. The game is accessible across PS4, PS5, Xbox One as well as Xbox series X as well as across multiple regions, including Korea, South East Asia, Russia, and the Middle East along with South America across all platforms and in all regions. Based on one estimate Black Desert Online has around 175k to 100k players who log in continuously or more. BDO is a Korean Sandbox MMORPG that has the most effective action combat system of the MMO genre. In this game, you’ll be spending lots of time mobs with other players to earn your spot, improving your abilities, building your player empire as you try to figure out how to earn money from your 2000-plus hours of drawings, and get the most out of your equipment. In the final game, you’ll take part in PvP nodes battles, wars castle sieges boss challenges, dungeons hoping to God of the RNG Gods to get a Tier 10-horse, and adding decorations to your player’s house in the instance you’ve created.


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