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A boy played had the shots in his arsenal, and he played them with just a stump in hand.© The Grade Cricketer/Twitter

Young cricketers playing picture-perfect strokes has become a norm in this day and age of expert cricket coaching, but a young batsman hitting it cleanly with just a stump in place of a bat would surely inspire awe. A young boy was seen having a net with just a stump and he hit all the shots in the book – drives, sweeps, ramps and flicks – in a display of delightful stroke-making. Geared up in pads and a helmet, the budding cricketer practised on what looked like a cement surface and made full use of the true bounce to practice his range of shots.

At one moment he was seen hitting the ball through the off-side with an extended flourish of the bat and astute footwork, while at the other he was seen exhibiting a full-fledged forward defence. 

He nonchalantly flicked deliveries on his pads towards the leg side and even improvised to practice the ramp shot, all off a single stump. 

The sweep shots were brilliantly done, too. 


The young batsman played with just two stumps behind him and the middle stump was missing.  

Twitter users were quick to find humour even as many appreciated the young boy’s strokes.

“Dunno whats so good about this, every ball is hitting the middle stump,” wrote on user. 

“I want to be his manager. This is unbelievable talent, I could watch this all day,” wrote another user. 

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