The Buzz About Grounded Bees Game : A Review

Are you in search of an enjoyable and entertaining game that keeps you hooked for hours? Then I would suggest you to take a look at Grounded Bees Game! This article will look at what is the buzz about grounded bees game and review this exciting game and show you how to play it as a professional. Grounded Game

Grounded Gameplay

Grounded is a game fun game  created and released by Obsidian Entertainment in 2020. It’s a survival-based game that shrinks players in the tiny size of ants in a backyard full of various types of insects. All these insects and creatures appear huge and deadly. So this backyard is your battleground where spiders are among the most dangerous enemies.  While fighting and escaping these insects, players have to hunt for drinking water and food to stay alive.  You will also try to find out what has made you so small. The ultimate goal is to survive and thrive in this dangerous environment as you complete numerous missions and quests. This game is playable both solo as well as with up to four players in a cooperative mode.

How to Play Grounded

First of all you need to download and install the game on your PC or Xbox. Then create an Avatar or character out of the four options (Max, Willow, Pete or Hoops) and then customize the character to suit your preferences. Once you begin playing, pick up all the items that you can find. These items can be grab sprigs, grab pellets, grab plant fibers, grab sap. These items will become useful later during the game.

Grounded Backyard

When you play the game, you will be able to explore new places that are in the backyard. The game’s difficulty will grow gradually. There will be enemies (large insects) who are dangerous to you. The aim of this game is find materials in your backyard to build a base in order to protect yourself against enemies who are hostile especially at night, since some insects become more aggressive during the night. It is possible to create tools including traps, weapons and weapons including bows, spears, axes and arrows, in order to take on the enemies. It is also important to maintain your stamina as you are likely to become exhausted in prolonged battle.

Grounded Hunger and Thrust

It is important to know how to manage thirst and hunger.  If you are hungry eating mushrooms is a great way to feed your early game hunger. The mushrooms are available almost everywhere. If you are struggling to find food sources, mushrooms are the best option In the early stages of game, the search for water or managing water will also be an issue. The grass blades that you find in early morning hours or in the evening have lots of water droplets. You can walk over to the water droplets and slurp it and your drinking bar will be up.  Remember water burns faster than food.

Grounded Crafting Items

While following quests, you will reach the research station, where you’ll discover an analysis machine or research machine. The research machine can help you to analyze and make objects using all the materials that you picked up, such as pellets, plants fibre, sap, and fiber. You can find many other objects and products at the Research Station that can be useful to you later.

Crafting Pellet Axe and Hammer in Grounded

The next step is to make an axe, a pellet hammer, a pellet axe and a torch so that you are able to activate the mysterious machine. When the mysterious machine is activated, it will guide you to an Oak LabNow take a look around, you will find a blade of grass, giant one for your size.  Take out your newly crafted pellet axe and just chop it down.  Once the blade of grass is chopped down, the first unblock edge will be revealed.  Gather as many resources you can, go back to the research machine and perform the analysis, it should take you to brainpower level one.

Fighting Bugs in Grounded

Once you have your pet hammer crafted and you’ve got your torch, then you’re ready to get rolling. There are other levels of brainpower to unlock which you will reach in due course of time. You should have gathered everything and made a pellet ax, a pellet hammer, a torch, and possibly a pellet spear so that you can fight the bad bugs in order to free the second laser beam and unlock the oak tree.  You are now going to fight the first hostile bugs, which are lawn mites. They’re relatively easy to handle, but even in normal mode, they can give you a run for your money if you are not careful.

Grounded How to Heal

During the fights with the bugs and other insects, it is possible to get injured. Creating bandages can be beneficial and they are one of the first craft recipes that you can learn. Plant fibers and sap can be used to create bandages.  After you’ve eliminated the first batch of mites you will come across another set when you enter the cave for the first time. This is when the torch will come to the rescue. The pebble hammer is also going to be useful.  The pebble hammer is extremely effective and can be very useful to tackle larger foes in the future.

Grounded Base Building

As you progress through the game, you’ll explore new areas of the backyard. The game’s difficulty will rise gradually. One key feature in grounded is the need of a shelter to protect yourself from the creatures who are always knocking at your door.  These creatures can be found roaming in the the backyard at every nook and corner.  They can be found in the depths of the pond, the caverns of the termite den, and even the sweltering heat found in the sandbox. Therefore you need to build massive and elaborate bases using a variety of structures such as floors, walls, roofs etc.  You can choose what type of structures to build, decorative or sturdy; and can customize it accordingly. You can make use of the resources to make different traps, tools, and weapons, like bows, spears, axes and arrows to take on enemies. Also, you must manage your endurance as you are likely to get exhausted during prolonged battle.

Grounded Game Sleep

When it is night,  it is important not to sleep too early because if you do so then you will wake up in the dark and you will have to do some of your explorations at night.  If you are afraid of spiders, then you will just have to wait.  But then what if you are having issues with water or food management.  If you feel hungry or thirsty you may be forced to go out and explore.

Grounded Bees Game

In the grounded bees version of the game, mosquitoes and bees are included in Grounded as flying insects that could pose  threat to players from another angle. Till now all the creatures that are predators such as spiders, bugs are all ground-based.  With the introduction of flying insects in Grounded Bees, players will have something new to fight with and be concerned about. Players who have built bases will get an interesting surprise when the mosquitoes and bees are finally in the game.

Grounded Bee Hive

In the grounded the bees are located all around the backyard though they do tend to stay close to the Picnic Table and that is where the bee hive is located.  The bees fly between flowers in order to pollinate them and then return to their Bee Hive. The Bee hives may produce honey as well as honeycomb, both of which could provide players with new consumables. Honeycomb can also be used to create new items for players base. Like ladybugs, bees may lead players towards honey; however, they need to be cautious when taking out the honey.

Grounded Bee Armor

A Grounded bee Armor is a form of armor players can create to shield themselves from the stinging insects. The armor can be effective against insects that sting and helps players survive longer in the game. Players can create armor out of dead bees parts.

Grounded Rotten Bee Armor

The Grounded Rotten Bee Armor is an armor type that players can make from the rotten parts of bees. It is extremely effective against insects and offers better protection than the standard Bee Armor.

Grounded Bee Stinger

It is believed that the Grounded Bee Stinger is a rare item players can get during the game. The stinger can be used to make powerful armor and weapons that are extremely efficient against insects that are aggressive.

Ground Bees vs Yellow Jackets

Ground Bees and Yellow Jackets are both predatory insects that players might encounter while playing. Although both are dangerous, Yellow Jackets are generally more aggressive and more difficult to defeat in comparison to Grounded Bees.

Grounded Bees : Quests and Missions

There are many missions and quests in the game that you are able to finish to advance to the next level and also to get rewards. They can include everything from collecting resources, exploring new locations and taking on boss insects.

Tips and Tricks to Play Grounded

To be successful in Grounded Bee, here are some helpful tips and tricks:

Gather resources as frequently as possible to make sure that you have enough food to live.

Create a shelter as early as possible to shield yourself from the aggressive insects and other elements.

Make tools, weapons and shelters using the materials you’ve gathered.

Use the surroundings to your advantage, like making use of plants to heal or deter insects.

Play with fellow teammates in co-op mode in order to finish your quests and missions more effectively.

You must complete quests and missions in order to help the story move along and receive rewards.

You can survive the night by constructing your own shelter and guarding against the aggressive insects.

Grounded Game : Conclusion

In the end, Grounded is a thrilling and enjoyable game that will provide endless hours of entertainment and challenges. Its unique gameplay mechanics for survival, and its diverse insect world, makes it an absolute must game to play for anyone who enjoys gaming. So what are you waiting for? Start downloading Grounded Bee today and see how long you’ll be able to survive in this savage backyard!

Is Grounded the game free?

Yes, please check out this website which claims free download.  However there are  in-game purchases available, but they are not necessary to progress in the game.  Grounded is available on Windows 10/11, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Steam for $39.99

Can I play Grounded Bee in co-op mode?

Yes, you can play grounded with up to four players in co-op mode.

Can I customize my character in Grounded Bee?

Yes, you can customize your character’s appearance in grounded.  The more you play and progress more you upgrade your weapons and skills.

Are there any age restrictions for playing Grounded Bee?

No, there are no age restrictions. It is rated E for everyone.  

What is “Grounded” and what kind of game is it?

Grounded is a thrilling survival game which was developed by Obsidian Entertainment.  The plot features a group of kids who are shrunk to the size of an ant who have to fight to survive in a backyard that is filled with dangerous insects like bugs, spiders, ants and bees.  

What is the story-line of Grounded ?

The story line of  Grounded game revolves around a group of teenagers who have been shrunk to the size of an ant.  They have to fight to survive in a backyard that is filled with dangerous insects like bugs, spiders, ants and bees.   They must collect resources, craft weapons, build shelter, and fight off threats from these creatures and other players.

Are there any tips or strategies for succeeding in Grounded?

Yes, there are many. Go through the tutorial like in all games, gather resources, manage your food and water, build a strong base with good defenses, craft weapons and armor especially an axe and torch, avoid dangerous areas and insects.

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