Shattering glass ceilings … and glass steeples

Christians will listen to a woman on TV but not a woman in the pulpit. What’s up with that?

Katelyn and Roxy grew up seeing plenty of examples of women in power suits — from Hollywood to Wall Street, they were shattering glass ceilings and defying expectations. This new cultural norm fed big dreams and big ambitions for girls coming of age in the 1980s and ’90s. But the 2000s have revealed a darker reality — from wage gaps to sexual harassment, the workplace for women is still far from ideal. Beyond that, the myth that women can have it all — domestic bliss and career success — has proved as much paralyzing pressure as endless potential. Not to mention the conflicting messages Katelyn and Roxy hear from church and culture. After all, one place women are often still not allowed is the pulpit.

What’s an ambitious woman to do?

In this episode, Fox News host Shannon Bream joins Katelyn and Roxy to talk ambition and devotion — and how the women of the Bible have offered her guidance and inspiration. And The Rev. Dr. LaKeesha Walrond offers a glimpse into her journey from small-town Texas to big-city pastor.


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