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Playing computer games is a great way to relax and unwind. With the advent and popularity of online gaming, it has never been more easily accessible and enjoyable than now. There are hundreds of different varieties of online games available these days, however MSN games have held its own ground.  In this article we will take a detailed review of MSN Games Online, a gaming platform that has the widest collection of of online and offline games that will keep the players entertained for hours.  We will look at the various types of games on MSN Games Online, why you should play online games like MSN.  You can also learn how and where to start playing these games.  Let us first understand the basics of what MSN Games Online is all about.

MSN Games Online: A Review

MSN Games Online is a gaming platform that provides many games for players from all ages and skill levels. From classic games such as Solitaire, Minesweeper to exciting and new games such as Mahjongg Dimensions and Bubble Town, MSN Games Online has everything for everyone.

The game platform is simple to navigate, easy to understand with games split into distinct categories, such as Puzzle, Action, Cards & Boards, Sports and Strategy. Each category comes with its own collection and game selection that make it easy for users to locate the kind of game they are searching for.

msn-gamesMSN Games Online for Free

One of the major benefits of playing MSN games Online is that it is available for free. There are no charges, subscriptions or any hidden fees payable.  Players have access to many games without spending any money.The free games are just as enjoyable as their premium counterparts.

To play MSN Games Online for free, all you have to do is sign up for an account. After you have registered you will be able to play games right away, without needing any downloads.

Popular Free Games on MSN Games Online


The games available to play for free on MSN Games Online include classic games such as Solitaire and Minesweeper in addition to modern games such as Bubble Town as well as Mahjongg Dimensions. There are many free games to play on MSN Games Online, but some games are more popular than others. The categories and top games are listed below. To find a more detailed list, you can visit the website.

Action and Arcade Games

1. Bubble Town

2. Microsoft Bubble

3. Bubble Shooter

4. 8 Ball Pool

5. Battleship

6. Deal or No Deal


7. Toemia Cursed Marbles

8. Bubble Dragons

9. Find Cats

10. 3D Darts

Puzzle Games

1. Microsoft Jewel 2

2. Microsoft Mahjong

3. Mahjongg Dimensionsmsn-mahjong

4. Bubble Town

5. Patchworkz!

6. Jewel Quest

7. Microsoft Jigsaw

8. Microsoft Sudoku

9. Blocks of Element

10. Zoo Boom

Poker & Casino Games

1. Multiplayer Poker Zone Online Casino

2. Slots Zone Online Casino

3. Blackjack

4. Video Poker – Zone Online Casino

5. Texas Hold’emmsn-slingo

6. 5 Roll

7. Deuces Wild Poker

8. Play the Slots of Press Your Luck

9. Deal or No Deal

10. Slingo

Word Games

1. Simply Words

2. Text Twist 2

3. Microsoft Word Twister

4. Outspellmsn-sudoku

5. Family Feud

6. Microsoft Wordament

7. Letter Garden

8. Word Wipe

9. Card Sharks

10. Microsoft Crosswords

Popular MSN Titles

Though there are many games on msn online games, let us have a look at 4 of the most popular games that canbe played for free.

MSN Free Games Jewel Quest

The Jewel Quest game is a thrilling and addictive game of puzzles.  The players are required to pair gems to find the hidden treasures. With more than 180 levels to play through, Jewel Quest is sure to keep you entertained for a long time.

MSN Pyramid Solitaire

If you are a lover of old-fashioned card games you will find that MSN Pyramid Solitaire is definitely worth a look. It requires players to remove the board of cards that are in pairs and make up 13. With a variety of levels and challenges to conquer, Pyramid Solitaire is a excellent method to kill time.

MSN Games Text Twist

If you are into word games, then the MSN Text Twist is an essential game to play. The game is a challenge for players to construct as many words as they can with a alphabet. With a variety of modes and difficulty level, Text Twist is a excellent method practice your language.

MSN Mahjong

MSN Mahjong is the classic tile-matching game available on the msn website, which is updated frequently with new daily challenges and puzzles.

Advantages Playing MSN Games Online

People play online computer games for fun, relaxation and to spend time. These MSN online games also has few other benefits and advantages which are as follows:

Improves Cognitive abilities

MSN Online Games can help improve your cognitive abilities which include memory, focus and problem-solving abilities.

msn-solitaireReduces stress

Online games are great ways to reduce stress and wind down after a tiring day. Spend some time playing msn games online free and have fun.

msn-bubble-townSocial Interaction

Many games are multiplayer and therefore could be a fantastic method to make connections with other players and make friends.

Easy and Accessible

Playing online games is simple and easy which allows you to play from the comfort of your home or when you are traveling.


MSN Games Online free to play offers a enjoyable and entertaining opportunity to test your abilities and develop your skills, while having fun. Whether you are a fan of card games, strategy games or word games,  there are an array of paid and free games to choose from to play. You will definitely find some interesting games. Why not take a look and see for yourself.  You could find your next favourite game here.

Where to Play MSN Games Free Online

Here are some popular sites where you can play MSN Games Online:

This is the official MSN site where you will find numerous free games to play. These include well-known titles such as Jewel Quest, Pyramid Solitaire, Text Twist and Mahjong etc.

This website is also managed by MSN and provides a range of games to choose from.  The popular popular MSN Games include titles like Bejeweled and Mahjong.

This is another popular site to play msn games.  It provides an array of games online which include many of popular MSN Games titles like Bubble Town and Sudoku.

This website provides an extensive selection of free to play online games, that includes well-known MSN Games titles like Chess and Spider Solitaire.

Although this site is not dedicated to MSN Games but POGO offers various online games, several that are similar the most popular MSN Games titles.


MSN Games Online offers a diverse selection of games including card, strategy puzzle, word games.

The majority of the games that are available on MSN Games Online are free to play. However, certain games may require a cost to access additional features or content.

You can play MSN Games Online through the official site, or by using other gaming websites online which offer MSN Games titles.

Yes, most of MSN Games titles are available for playing on smartphone.

Yes, a lot of MSN Games titles have multiplayer options that allow you to play against your fellow players or friends online.

The most popular MSN Games titles include Bejeweled, Jewel Quest, Pyramid Solitaire along with Text Twist.

Certain games offered on MSN Games Online may have age limits, therefore it’s crucial to know the game’s rating prior to playing.

Yes, several MSN Games titles allow you to save your progress so that you can return later to play and continue from there.

Games are frequently added to MSN online games so that playing games is never boring.

No you cannot. MSN Games Online requires an internet connection in order to play as all games are hosted on the internet.

It is a reference to Microsoft Service Network.

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