Make Money from Home Online

Side hustles take us an inch closer to living life on our own terms amid Corona threats

With the second Covid wave rampaging through India, forcing us to be in the safety net of our homes indefinitely, there can be no better time to boost our finances with an online income stream. Through secondary cash inflows, we can improve our monetary health and security, and get a little closer to our goals. All you need is the internet and a smartphone or computer to work with.

Let us look at some of the side hustles that you can consider opting for-

  1. FreelancingFreelancing is a great way to establish yourself as a brand and pursue paid works that go along with your skills. There are several websites where you can create an account, list your skills, and get started when a company or a client approaches you.

  1. Affiliate MarketingIf your website is up and running, you can use affiliate marketing to earn money. Here you partner with brands and when you are mentioning their products or services on your website, you can allow your partner to place their links on it. This is mutually beneficial. You can make profits when visitors to your site purchase goods or services after clicking on those links.

  1. Online Trading Investing in stocks and equities via the internet is a fast source of income as it is a liquid market. You can draw your money back anytime. But remember, that with every sky-high return, there is high risk involved. So instead of being greedy, choose to put your money wisely.

  1. TutoringTeaching any age group online will just need a relevant degree, a smartphone or a laptop, and optimal internet bandwidth. This sector has seen a mammoth rise in the social distancing days of Covid-19. You can use Zoom, Google Meets, or even Whatsapp video calls to go ahead. You can also register on e-teaching websites like Coursera or Udemy where you can teach a specific course.

  1. Podcasting Finding your niche, building an audience, giving a monetary shape to your goals, and engaging the right advertisers are the keys to success in podcasting. The biggest benefit of podcasts is that one does not need to focus two of their senses at once, instead, they can listen to it while completing chores like cooking, jogging, and others. Since there are many logistics that go into writing, recording, and editing a podcast, this might not be the easiest process, but once established, it can be lucrative for the rest.

  1. Graphic DesigningThere are several online courses that are gateways to learning digital painting. With the advent of social media and digital marketing, graphic designing is now more relevant than ever. It might be time-consuming but you can earn well when you are able to get the right clients. You can work for a company or create your own website for the same.

  1. PTC SitesYou can have a passive source of income with the help Paid-To-Click sites. You have to watch advertisements to earn money. But finding credible PTC sites is challenging, considering the growth of frauds. Remember to read the terms and conditions of every PTC website before registering as are several websites that state that such clicks are not eligible for payment. YSSENSE, NEOBUX are trending PTC sites among others.

  1. Blogging Blogging is rapidly gaining popularity in India and is making entry into the world of mainstream career choices. Decide on a niche by questioning if you love your topic or if you know enough to write about it for the long term or which is your target audience. You can run a blog on film review, travel, cooking, life experiences, or whatever you want. WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr are reliable websites for a beginner.

  1. Content WritingWhat might start as blogging, can evolve into writing for businesses. Digital marketing goes hand in hand with content writing. Online platforms are a good place to start. You will be compensated based on the content of the articles and you will be asked to work on posts with precise instructions. To maximise your earning, carve out a niche in your field of expertise and develop strength in that domain.

  1. Language Translation If you are bilingual or have completed a certified course or degree in a popular language, use it to your advantage. This may include any language like French, Spanish, German, or even Bengali and Hindi. Even though there are google translators and millions of such translating websites, humans are still chosen over technology in this case, as there are certain words that do not have a direct translation. This work might take time but it has an underutilised market. Remember that you must be fluent in the languages for which you are applying to be a translator.

There are innumerable ways of making money online and these are just ten of them. You can not earn profits overnight. But if you are keen on investing time and decide to channelise your potential, you can make the most out of internet. Do not get bogged down if you have a slow start. Remember, good things take time. So do not stop trying.

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