ICICI Lombard Launches Helpline for Employee Mental Health

The insurance company is reimbursing medical expenses up to Rs 10,000 per family member of Covid struck employees

Santulan, a helpline for employee mental and emotional health, has been launched by ICICI Lombard, a private general insurance firm. This hotline will provide round-the-clock access to qualified counsellors while maintaining strict confidentiality. A Quarantine Assessment Committee (QAC) of in-house doctors has been established for Covid affected workers, who will direct and advise them before they recover.

To ensure a productive work balance, the organisation also encourages workers to organise their schedules in a way that they have sufficient time for themselves. Employees are also given extra leave for Covid-19, in addition to their regular casual-cum-medical leaves, depending on their needs.

It had announced last week that it would pay any Covid positive workers two months’ salaries in advance, with the option to repay the advance in six or twelve monthly installments at a later date. The insurance company is providing reimbursement of medical infrastructure support expenses up to a maximum of Rs 10,000 per family member for 25 years, arising from home quarantine in case of infected employees, is bearing the vaccination cost for all its employees and their dependents, providing a family floater cover of Rs 4 lakh and a corporate buffer of Rs 3 lakh. The employee, spouse, two children (under the age of 25), and dependent parents are all covered under this policy.

If the company loses its employee to Covid, it has decided to grant employment to the deceased staff spouse, if the latter has suitable educational qualifications and fits the available role. The company is also offering terminal benefits (like gratuity and provident fund) to the deceased employee’s family even if they had not completed the designated period required to get the gratuity. Their IL TakeCare app will also provide Covid assistance to employees.

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