Hero Wars Online Game: A Brief Introduction and Guide

If you are in search for an exciting and addictive online game playable for long hours? If so, then the Hero Wars online game is the perfect game for you. This hugely popular online fantasy game combines many elements like strategy, role-playing  as well as PvP battles. In this guide we will review Hero Wars online Game, its main gameplay features, other tips and strategies so that you can begin your quest soonest.

What is Hero Wars?

Hero Wars is a thrilling online game that blends strategies, role-playing and PvP battles. It was developed by the company Nexters Global Limited.  This game is available for play in laptop, PC, iOS as well as Android platforms. The game’s strategy involves creating an army of heroes and equipping them with power packed equipment and fighting against adversaries and players in real-time PvP battles. With its wide range of heroes, equipment, and game modes, there is always something to explore and learn learn and learn. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game now and begin the Hero Wars adventure today.

what-is-hero-wars-online-gameHow to Play Hero Wars?

To play Hero Wars, if you play on Android download the game from the app store, sign up for an account and loginto your account. Start your journey by following the tutorial.  Begin your quest and progress through the game by fighting, killing your enemies and unlocking new heroes.

Your Avatar is called Galahad. You can alter the avatar’s appearance. As the game progresses you continue to fight evils and demons. As the game advances through many levels, you are able to unlock new heroes. The first hero that is unlocked is Astaroth, next is Thea, then  Phobos and so on. These heroes join you in your fights. These heroes can be upgraded with the help of resources gained from gameplay. The game also includes the guild system which lets players join or form their own guilds, so that they can collaborate and compete against other players.

how-to-play-hero-wars-gameHero Wars Online Game : Modes

Hero Wars online game is divided into various modes of play which are  described as follows.

Campaign Mode

In the Campaign mode, you will follow a storyline and fight against AI-controlled enemies. Every level that you complete earns you rewards and unlocks higher levels and heroes.  

PvP Arena Mode

When you play in PvP arena mode you are fighting against other players and teams. The aim of the PvP arena mode is to climb the ladder and get to top of the rankings in the charts.

Guild Wars Mode

Guild Wars mode is a multiplayer mode in which you together with your guild members compete against other guilds in order to win prizes and glory.

Tower of Trials Mode

Tower of Trials is a challenging mode in which you have to fight challenging enemies while climbing the tower.

Features of Hero Wars

Hero Wars has several features which make the gameplay interesting and enjoyable.  These features are as follows.


The game offers a vast selection of heroes having unique characteristics with their own capabilities and functions. Heroes can be obtained by completing levels in the campaign mode and unlocking them or by purchasing them with the game’s currency.


The ability to equip your heroes with powerful gear is vital for winning battles. You can acquire gears gear by completing levels or by purchasing them using game currency.


Every hero comes with certain skills which you can upgrade with skills points. The ability to upgrade skills makes your heroes more powerful in battle.


Runes are items that you can put on your heroes to boost their power and capabilities. Runes can be obtained by completing levels or purchasing them with game currency.  

Tips for Beginners

If you are beginner and new to Hero Wars Online Game, here are some suggestions to help you begin with. 

Choosing Best Heroes

One of the most important things to consider when playing Hero Wars game is choosing the most suitable heroes. You should know what each character is capable of and which heroes can be a good match in a given situation.  Every hero performs a different task, and knowing that is important for the success of your team. It is also essential to improve their skills and equipment. By upgrading your hero you increase their power and make them more efficient in battle. You should also concentrate on upgrading your primary Hero.

Campaign Mode

The campaign mode is a key element in Hero Wars. It provides an outline of the story and is the best way to earn rewards and gain experience. 

Join an organization. 

A guild membership is an excellent way to network with other players and to work together to accomplish same objectives and goals. It also provides access to exclusive bonuses and special features available to guilds like the guild store as well as guild wars. It also allows you to collaborate alongside other guild members to complete guild quests and earn rewards.

Participate in Daily Events and Quests

Daily quests and events are the most effective method to earn rewards and gain experience. Hero Wars often feature limited-time events with special rewards. You must ensure that you are a part of these events in order to get the best from the game. These quests are generally easy to complete and provide you with the necessary equipment and items to help in the further advancement of the game.

Asking for Help

Do not be afraid to seek assistance. If you’re stuck at a specific level or simply need some guidance, don’t hesitate to seek help from other players, or check out websites and forums for guides. Hero Wars has a large and friendly community that can assist you to get the most out of the game.

Hero Tower Wars

The tower is a difficult but rewarding mode of play in Hero Wars. It is made up of multiple floors each with their specific enemies that must be defeated. 

Make Most of the Resources

Make the most of your resources. Resources like gold and jewels are essential in Hero Wars. It is important to use these resources in a wise manner, since they are often difficult to come by. 

Top of Meta

Pay attention to the meta. The meta is a reference to the state of the game and which heroes are in the spotlight currently. It is crucial to be aware of the meta and adapt your team accordingly. 

Hero Wars Counters

There are a variety of Hero Wars counters in the game. In essence, you can have either a hard or soft counter. The hard counter refers to a hero that shuts down another hero or is very effectively against a particular hero. Soft counters are where hero that can take away the advantages of a hero hero combination, such as stopping the synergy from developing or focusing on backline heroes.

Final Thoughts

Hero Wars is a fun and addictive online game that mixes strategy, role-playing, as well as PvP battles. With a variety of characters, gear and modes of play, it can provide endless hours of fun for players at all levels. It is a unique combination of action and strategy and the vast collection of heroes and guild system enhances the overall game experience. The audio and graphics are amazing and the game is playable without cost and without purchase.

Hero Wars Online Game : Some Trivia

Hero Wars: Adventure 9

Hero Wars Adventure 9 is an exciting feature of the Hero Wars Online Game, that allows you to explore a brand new world, fight strong enemies and earn significant rewards. In this adventure, you will be facing an armed opponent, the evil Pirate King and his gang, who have gained control of the island in a remote location.

To embark on the adventure, you should already have finished Adventure 8 and should be having a group of heroes who meet the prerequisites to go on this adventure which is heroes of level 65 and above. When you have met the prerequisites, go to the map of adventure and choose Adventure 9. 

her-wars-adventure-9The game is split into multiple levels, each one with distinct reward and challenges. In the beginning you will fight the pirate King’s gang and control their ships in order to reach the island. In the next stages, you will face up with the Pirate King and his powerful warlords.  

While gong through your adventure, you will be rewarded with valuable gifts like hero shards, equipment gold and experience points. These rewards will allow you to improve your heroes gear and abilities and make them more powerful.

To be successful to succeed in Adventure 9, you should have a balanced group of heroes, which should include damage dealers, tanks as well as back-up heroes. You must ensure that you have the right heroes with the most effective equipment and abilities to complete the tasks.

All in all, Hero Wars Adventure 9 is an exciting update to the game, offering hours of entertainment and difficult game play. Get your group together take off, sail away and fight The Pirate King to collect your rewards and be the ultimate hero!

Hero wars adventure 10

Hero Wars Adventure 10 is a thrilling expansion to the game Hero Wars Online Game. It allows players to embark on a new adventure and fight fierce foes and earn significant rewards. The adventure 10 story takes you to a magical land called the Celestial City in which you have to fight against the dark forces who threaten to take over this city.

To start this adventure, you need to have completed Adventure 9 and should have a group of heroes who are level 70 and above. If you meet these prerequisites, you can go to the map of adventure and choose Adventure 10.

hero-wars-adventure-10The hero wars adventure 10 is divided into multiple stages with each stage having their own distinct obstacles and rewards. In the initial stage your team of fighting heroes will take on hundreds of monsters in order to gain entry point in the Celestial City.  After you have gained entry in the city, you have to fight strong bosses and minions,  each one more difficult than the previous one.

The rewards or the war spoils in this adventure are hero shards equipment gold, gold and experience points. These rewards can help you improve your heroes abilities further as well as improve their gear and make them stronger.

To succeed in your adventures, you need to have a balanced team of heroes which should include damage dealers, tanks and even the heroes who support them. You must ensure that you have the best heroes with the most effective equipment and the right skills to do the job.

Hero Wars Adventure 10 is an exciting new addition to the hero wars online game series and offers hours of enjoyment and difficult gameplay. 

Hero wars adventure 11

Hero Wars Adventure 11 is the most recent adventure added in the Hero Wars Online Game.  This is an epic adventure that takes you through space and time. In this game you journey to a different universe where you will be confronted by powerful enemies and ancient artifacts with immense power.

To start Adventure 11, you need to have completed Adventure 10 and must have a team of heroes with Level 80 and above. After you have met the eligibility conditions, head over to the map of adventure and choose Adventure 11.

The adventure 11 is also split into multiple stages with each stage having its own distinct obstacles and rewards. At the start of your adventure you are required to fight your way through a perilous fields of asteroids and locate the entry point into the universe of parallels. After you have gained entry into this universe, you  will be facing and fighting strong bosses and minions each one more difficult than the previous one.


When you complete your adventure you are rewarded with spoils like heroes shards as well as equipment, gold along with experience points. These rewards will allow you to improve your heroes abilities as well as improve their gear and make them more powerful and effective.

Hero Wars Adventure 11 is a thrilling game, offering hours of entertainment and difficult play level.  So what are you waiting for. Get your group of heroes together to travel through space and time and discover a new universe. Earn your rewards and be the ultimate hero!


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, Hero Wars is free to play; but there may be in-game purchases available.

Yes, Hero Wars is available on both iOS and android platforms as well as PC and laptops.

Yes, you will need an internet/broadband connection to play hero wars online game.

No, this is not possible as the difficulty level of Hero Wars is preset and increases as you progress through the levels. However, you can adjust the strategy and gear of your heroes to overcome difficult challenges.

Simply play the game and unlock heroes by completing the campaigns. You can also purchase them with in-game currency or by participating in special events.

Yes it is available on PC/Laptop as well as on iOS and Android platforms.

There are over 80 different heroes in the game, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. The number of heroes may have increased consequent to launch of Hero Wars Adventure Series 9, 10 or 11.

Yes, Hero Wars can be played without making any purchases. However, players can choose to buy resources and other items using real money to speed up their progress or gain an advantage over other players.

The guild system allows players to join or create their own guilds to collaborate and compete with other players. Guild Wars mode is a multiplayer mode in which player together with other guild members compete against other guilds in order to win prizes and glory.

It depends on your choice and the level.  However here are top 5 heroes Arachne, Issac, Aurora, Celeste and Sebastian.

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