Delhi reports 6,500 new cases, positivity rate dips to 11%

With the lockdown in place for close to four weeks, Covid cases in Delhi have finally started to dip. Delhi reported 6,500 cases in the past 24 hours following which, the positivity rate dipped to 11 per cent, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Saturday.

The spread of Covid in the city has slowed over the past week, with cases dipping to 8,500 on Friday.

“The spread of Covid is reducing slowly. We pray it doesn’t increase again. But if it does, we have readied 500 ICU beds more. In the past 15 days, doctors and engineers have set up 1,000 ICU beds,” the chief minister said.

These beads are being readied in Ramlila Grounds near GTB Hospital and Lok Nayak Hospital.

He also said that the Delhi government is setting up an oxygen concentrator bank in each district, and it will have 200 concentrators each. These concentrators will be sent to people requiring oxygen support at home within two hours.

“If someone has Covid and is under home isolation, they sometimes can’t get oxygen on time. As a result, their condition worsens and they have to be admitted to the ICU. Therefore, getting oxygen on time is very important. We have started this bank for such patients. There will be 200 concentrators in each bank in each district,” he added.

The bank will also give concentrators to those who require oxygen support at home post discharge from hospitals. Kejriwal said doctors will be in touch with patients needing oxygen at home and will assess their situation regularly.

A team from the district administration will bring the oxygen concentrator to the patient’s home. A person with technical know-how will also accompany them and will explain to the caretaker how the concentrator is to be used.

“If our team managing home isolation cases has not got in touch with you, please call 1031. If you need oxygen, it will be sent to you but a team of doctors will first assess your situation,” Kejriwal said.