Delhi confidential: Work Code

“NO FORMALITY, work priority” – this is the new mantra Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced on Monday for state officials. Chouhan asked the officers to dispense with welcome protocols and, instead, focus on handling the pandemic. For the duration of the pandemic, the state government has asked SPs and Collectors to not come to welcome the chief minister when he visits. He will meet all officials and public representatives during meetings. Chouhan also asked ministers and party leaders to avoid coming to the airport and follow Covid protocols.

Double Role

JUST AHEAD of the start of the virtual hearing on Covid-19 management in the Supreme Court on Monday, Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s address to the Congress Working Committee flowed in through the speakers as soon as the control room unmuted the microphones of Senior Advocates P Chidambaram and Kapil Sibal. Apparently, the speech was playing in one of the lawyers’ chambers as the CWC meet was also held in virtual mode. It continued to play for a couple of minutes before a counsel pointed it out and the microphones were readjusted.

Top Priority

DELIVERING OXYGEN has become the top priority of the Railways. So much that at times premium trains such as Rajdhanis have been made to wait for a “path” on the tracks before an oxygen rake is allowed to pass. Delhi is becoming the preferred hub, because the route, Hapa (Jamnagar)-Delhi Cantt, can allow tankers that are taller by a foot and a half, as opposed to other routes, translating to more volume of oxygen per rake. UP is learnt to have started preferring that its oxygen comes to Delhi Cantt from where they are taken to intended destinations in the state.