Covid-19: Gurgaon district administration forms panel to distribute Remdesivir

The Gurgaon district administration has constituted a four-member committee that will allocate Remdesivir injections to patients in public and private health institutions as the demand for Covid-related medications keep rising corresponding to a surge in cases.

The move comes in the wake of a Haryana Government order directing that District Level Committees should be formed in the state “to contain the indiscriminate use of Remdesivir injections”.

In an order issued on Sunday, Deputy Commissioner Yash Garg stated that the committee “will decide the distribution of Remdesivir” available in stock to individual Covid patients in “public/private health institutions” of the district “on clinically approved evidence-based grounds and ethical principle of distributive justice, to maintain equality and transparency”.

According to the order, all Covid hospitals requiring Remdesivir for treatment of Covid patients will now have to apply to the committee via email or by sending a physical application to the civil surgeon’s office.

“No application without filled proforma or incomplete proforma will be entertained,” the order added.

The details sought in the application form include contact and personal details of the patient, the hospital where he or she is admitted, details of various parameters such as whether there has been persistent fever for more than seven days, unremitting high-grade fever, breathlessness, raised liver enzymes, and whether oxygen levels are lesser than 94 per cent.

The committee, chaired by ADC Prashant Panwar will meet twice every day “through virtual or digital platforms” “to scrutinize the applications received and facilitate rapid decision making as time is of essence”, the order read.

The direction comes amid increased incidents of black marketing of Remdesivir. On May 5, Gurgaon Police had, in two separate incidents, arrested a father-son duo and an employee at a currency exchange for the crime.

Prior to that, on May 2, a senior security assistant of a private hospital, a nursing staff supervisor of another private hospital, and the latter’s wife had been arrested in Gurgaon for black marketing of Remdesivir. Police officials said the accused had fiddled with hospital records to indicate that some injections had been administered to patients and then stolen them to sell it outside at Rs 45,000 each.