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Are you in search of an online gaming website that’s safe, secure, educational, and fun?  Then you must check out Cool Math Games. With a wide selection of games, ranging from simple maths to more complex games, Coolmath Games provides an engaging and enjoyable experience for players of all ages. This article will discuss the history, the most popular games, benefits, what safety precautions to take and other aspects of Coolmath Games.

Cool Math Games Evolution

Coolmath Games is a website for free online games catering to players of all ages. Whether you like Maths, hate Maths or need help to improve your maths skills, this site is for you. The site was established in 1997 by Karen who was a math teacher and her husband David who was a computer programmer. Their aim was to develop an online platform that could make learning math enjoyable and interesting for children. Since since then, Coolmath Games has grown into a hugely popular site with more than 100 million users every year.

Coolmath Games History

Coolmath Games started as a small website that offered some games, but soon gained popularity. Its emphasis on fun and education led to its gaining the trust of its users who became loyal followers.  Very soon it became one of the top online educational gaming sites.  

Coolmath Games Shutdown

In 2020 there was news or rather rumour regarding shutdown of Coolmath games.  The company issued clarification that the concern were entirely due to flash games as browsers no longer supported flash.  However, Coolmath creators put in a lot of effort to create an entirely new HTML5 version of their website, which allowed it to remain operational. 

Cool Math Games Most Popular Games

Coolmath Games offers a wide selection of games. However, the most well-known are Run 3, Fireboy and Watergirl as well as Papa’s games. Run 3 is a fast-paced game where players must overcome obstacles while moving through space. Fireboy or Watergirl is a game that works in a team which requires players to collaborate to complete puzzles and avoid obstacles. Papa’s games is a set of time management games that mimic the running of in a restaurant. Other games that are popular available on Coolmath Games include Bloxorz, Duck Life, and Parking Fury.

Benefits of Playing Games on Cool Math

There are many benefits of playing Coolmath Games.  Firstly, it is an enjoyable and exciting method of spending time. Secondly, the site offers a vast selection of games, so there’s something for all kinds of players.  Thirdly, many of the Coolmath games are educational, helping users develop their math skills while having fun playing.  Coolmath Games can also improve cognitive skills such as problem solving decisions, critical thinking.

Education Value of Coolmath Games

One of the primary goal of Coolmath Games is making math learning enjoyable and exciting for kids. A lot of the games available on the site are designed to help players develop their math abilities while having fun. For instance Run 3 requires players to utilize math abilities to calculate angles and distances while running and jumping. In the same way, Papa’s games require players to utilize math abilities to calculate prices and profits. The games are a great way to help students to improve their math abilities in a fun and engaging method.

Coolmath Games for All Ages

Coolmath Games has games for people of all ages, right from preschoolers to adults. It has a wide selection of games catering to different age and level of skill. For young children there are games that help them learn the basics of counting and color. Younger children and teens are able to enjoy games that test their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. Adults can also enjoy games that are challenging and fun.

Coolmath Games Features

Coolmath Games has several features that make it a favourite of gamers. One of the most important feature is the vast selection of games. The site offers more than 1,000 games, which means there’s something for all players.  Further, the site is simple to navigate; it allows games to play right on the web browser without having to download anything. Coolmath Games also offers leaderboards which allow players to compete against one another and also compare their scores.


How to Play Cool Math Games

It is very easy and simple to play Coolmath. Visit the coolmath website and browse through the selection of games, then click the game you would like to play.  The games can be played online without the requirement of downloading.  The site is optimized to work on mobile phones, which means games are playable on tablets and smartphones as well.

Cool Math Games Is It Safe

Coolmath Games is a safe website suitable for children and adults alike. The site is free from explicit or violent content.  Further, the site is regularly monitored by the company to make sure that all games are suitable for all age groups.  In addition, the site does not gather personal information from its players, unlike many gaming sites, meaning there is no question of misuse or theft of data.


Cool Math Games Criticism

Despite its huge popularity, Coolmath Games has faced some criticism over a period of time. Some critics claim that the site is too simple and there are no options for further upgraded games. Some have also criticized the site’s advertising saying it impedes an overall gaming experience.

Future of Cool Math Games

Coolmath Games has a loyal followinig and therefore its future looks bright. It continues to draw new players every year. Not only that, the website’s creators are creating new features and games and are making sure Coolmath Games remains a popular and enjoyable website for many decades to come.

Some Popular Games on Cool Math Games

Cool Math Bob the Robber

Cool Math Games Bob the Robber is a thrilling game that requires players to utilize their skills to help Bob steal valuable items from different locations. In the game, players have to apply their thinking and problem-solving skills to navigate through obstacles, stay clear of guards and eventually reach their objective. The game has different levels of difficulty (Bob the Robber 1, Bob the Robber 2 , 3, 4 and so on) each with its own unique challenge that keeps players engaged and entertained for hours. With its cartoon-like graphics and a simple game play, Bob the Robber is a popular choice for avid and casual gamers alike.

Cool Math Games Roller Baller

Cool Math Games Roller Baller is a physics based game that tests players abilities to steer a ball through some challenging courses.  Players have to make use of their quick reflexes to move the ball over various obstacles like shifting platforms, narrow passageways and other obstacles that threatens to slow the ball down from moving. The game has easy controls, an engaging soundtrack, and a selection of levels increases in difficulty as the player advances. With its challenging gameplay and captivating graphics, Roller Baller is an enjoyable and addictive game that keeps players entertained for many hours.

Cool Math Games Run 2

Cool Math Games Run 2 is a fast-paced game that requires players to sprint, jump and stay clear of obstacles set in a space themed environment.  The players need to utilize their quick reflexes and agility to get through different levels that are full of obstacles, such as the gaps between obstacles, shifting platforms and other dangers. The game offers a variety of characters each with their own unique capabilities having unique set of obstacles that players must overcome to succeed. With its rapid-paced action, exciting gameplay and stunning graphics, Run 2 is a favorite choice for players of all age groups.

Cool Math Games Unblocked 66

Unblocked games are free to play games that can be played anywhere by any player.  Cool Math Games Unblocked 66 is a set of games you can play on school or work computers. These types of games have popular after the demise of flash.  This set of games covers diverse game types including strategy, puzzle and arcade games. Some example of Coolmath Games Unblocked 66 are Fall Puzzle 66, Maze Challenge, Draw the Hill etc.  The games are suitable for players of all ages. The  games do not contain any explicit or violent content and is a fun way to pass time and entertain yourself or to take a break from work or study.


Coolmath Games are safe, fun, educational, and entertaining and has games for players of all ages. With wide selection of games, educational value and user-friendly layout, Coolmath Games is a popular choice for gamers of all age groups. If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to build your math skills or simply need to keep your mind busy, Coolmath Games has something for every player.

People Also Ask | FAQ

Is Coolmath Games safe for kids?

Yes, Coolmath Games is a safe site for kids. It does not contain any explicit or violent content, and is regularly checked to make sure that the games are suitable for people of any age.

Can games on Coolmath Games be played on mobile devices?

Yes, most of the games available on Coolmath Games are playable on tablets and smartphones as well.

Is it true that Coolmath Games collect personal information from its users?

No, Coolmath Games does not collect any personal data from its players.

Does Coolmath Games offer in-app purchases?

Yes, certain Games that are available on Coolmath Games offer in-app purchases.

Is Coolmath Games only for math-related games?

While Coolmath Games started with a emphasis on math-related games the company now provides a broad selection of games to suit any level of interest and skills

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