Black Desert Online : A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Are you new to Black Desert Online (BDO) game and looking for an extensive guide to begin with ?  If yes, then you are in the right place.  This article will provide you everything you need to learn about this popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game.  The guide covers everything from gameplay, character customization, other tips and much more.

Introduction to Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is an MMORPG game developed by Korean company, Pearl Abyss and released in the year 2016. The game takes place in a fantasy setting where players are able to create their own avatars and discover the huge open world of BDO. The game is known for its breathtaking graphics and amazing combat system making it a favorite among gamers from around the globe.

black-desert-onlineHow to play Black Desert Online

There are 3 editions of the game which you can purchase, Traveler ($10), Explorer ($40) and Conqueror ($90).  During sales you can even get it for $1 and that keeps happening throughout the year.  However there is also a free 7-Day trial.  It is recommended to use the trial before spending any dollar on the game as it is going to help you get a feeling for the game and give you enough time to gauge whether or not you will like the game going forward.  Firstly you need to download the game launcher on your laptop or PC.  Then starts the installation. While you are installing the game it is going to ask you to sign up for a Pearl Abyss account ID. Do so and make sure to select promotional emails from time to time, as you get extra rewards for being signed up to this.  You can always uncheck this option in your account settings if you want to do it at a later stage.  After you have installed the game, you are going to see multiple trailers of updates the game has had,  depending on the last time you played.  If you are a returning player make sure to select the proper region. If you are new select the region closest to you.  Western players will have access to both North America and EU regions.  Once the game has finished installing and launches we finally get into the character creation and server channel selection.

Character Creation

After you have installed the game and launched BDO, the next step is creating your character or avatar.  You will have options of choosing from various classes like Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress and other. Each class comes with its own distinctive game and skills method, so select the one that fits you most.  The most thrilling aspects in Black Desert Online is its character customization system. The players can alter their character’s appearance and gender, as well as their class and abilities. The game provides a wide variety of options for customization which allows players to build an individual character that fits their playing style.

black-desert-online-loginCharacter creation is important as it is going to determine the kind of player you are.  In the beginning you can swap your character appearance as many times as you want since you get about a month of free value pack.  This is part of subscription benefits that gives bonuses like free character alterations and swaps.  The most difficult part might be finding a name for your characters.   If you want a specific name that’s more common try and get creative with your naming changing.   You will also eventually have to choose an account name or family name as we call it.  It is like like your last name or family name.  Everyone will see that name when you type in chat no matter what character you are in.  

Black Desert Online Gameplay

If you are completely new or if you haven’t played BDO for a long time you have to go through a tutorial.  It should take not more than 10 minutes.  Once you’re done with the tutorial you get an option of two paths that you can start in.  These don’t matter much in the grand scheme of things as you would want to try all of them eventually.  Black Desert Online has a complex combat system that requires training and experience. The game is played using a combo-based strategy where players have to link various skills in order to create effective attacks. It’s important to understand the skills of your classmates and play with various combinations to discover the most efficient play technique.

black-desert-online-free-to-playBlack Desert Online : Game Modes

Black Desert Online (BDO) offers various game modes to accommodate various play styles. The main game modes include:

Stories Mode

Story mode is based primarily on the storyline of the game. Many players like the game in a story form.  Therefore, this mode is perfect for those who like games that are narrative-driven.

Open World Mode

This mode lets players explore the vast expanse of the open world on their own and participate in various activities like fishing, hunting, or collecting resources.

PvP Mode The mode is designed ideal for those who like players vs. players combat. The players can take on fights or take part in large-scale fights.

Life Skill Mode Life Skill Mode

This mode is intended for those who love trading and crafting. The players can create the farms of their choice, create their own items and trade with other players.


Quests are an integral element of the game and offer rewards in the form of experiences points, items and gold. They can be found at various places throughout the world of the game, and they range from easy tasks like acquiring materials to fierce battles with strong adversaries.

black-desert-online-accountLeveling Up

Upgrading your skills by leveling up Black Desert Online is essential to advance through the game. Players earn exp points by accomplishing quests, battling enemies and exploring the game’s vast world. As you progress in level you’ll be able to access new abilities and skills that can aid you to fight.

System Requirements and Settings

One important step is after you are done with the tutorial is to go to your settings and over optimization options.  As we have a lot of settings to work with and some of these tweaks will greatly improve your performance in the game. Look for performance settings under the options, go to graphics and textures and adjust the in-game graphics texture quality.  Graphics are really going to depend on your system specs but if you are looking for high FPS and decent graphical quality, medium settings for both is a good starting point.  Regarding the RAM, you should have at least 8 GB of RAM to be able to play BDO.  However, having at least 16 gigabytes would go a long way in enhancing your gaming experience.  

black-desert-xboxTips for Playing Black Desert Online

To ensure you make the most the gaming session, we’ve got a few strategies to play Black Desert Online.

Take Your Time

Black Desert Online is a huge game that has a lot of content available to play. Make sure to take your time and don’t play the game in a hurry. Enjoy the BDO world settings, landscapes and the story.  You must also take time to study and learn the skills and capabilities of your class.

Join a Guild

A membership in a guild is an excellent way to connect with new players and access new content. Guilds provide assistance and resources to assist you in your progress in the game.

Use the Marketplace

The marketplace in the game is a great platform to sell and buy items together with other players. It’s a fantastic method to earn gold and get items that you require to complete your character. The market place or the Player Auctions may not be endorsed or sponsored by Black Desert or its trademark owner.

Explore a variety of Play Styles

Black Desert Online offers different games and classes, so don’t hesitate to play around with different modes and styles. Test various game modes and classes to discover what you like most.

Learn from other Players

Black Desert Online has a active community of players who are always ready to provide assistance and advice. Don’t be intimidated to ask questions and take advantage of the knowledge of other players.

bdo-mmoParticipate in Events

The game frequently hosts events that provide different opportunities and rewards. Participating in these events is the best opportunity to earn rewards and gain experience. Keep looking for announcements in this regard on the BDO website.

Final Word on BDO

Black Desert Online is an engaging MMORPG game that gives players an expansive world to explore as well as an complex combat system that you can master. If you follow the suggestions and advice included in this guide you’ll be well on the way to becoming an experienced player in this thrilling game.

Black Desert Online Trivia

Black Desert Online Season Character

The players can create a Black Desert Online season character.  These characters have higher levels of experience, and can play during the season period.  The players are rewarded for achieving certain milestones. After the season is over,  the character can be changed into a normal character and the player will be awarded rewards according to their performance.

Black Desert Online Discord

Black Desert Online Discord server is a social place where players can connect with one another, share suggestions and techniques, as well as receive the most recent information and updates about the Black Desert Online game. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded players socialize to and share knowledge with.

Black Desert Online Subscription

Black Desert Online offers a subscription service known as Value Pack which offers a variety of benefits to players including an increase in inventory space, less taxes as well as accessibility to special features. The players can also purchase additional products and services from the cash shop that is available in the game.

black-desert-online-free-to-playSteam Charts Black Desert Online

Steam Charts analyzes the user number of games played on Steam.  It also tracks the number of players on Steam.  Black Desert Online consistently ranks in the top 50 of the most played games on Steam. This is a testimony to the game’s appeal and the power.  

Black Desert Online Player Count

Black Desert Online has a large player base that includes millions of players around the world. The game is an open-world having social elements, which makes it an ideal MMORPG for players who like playing with other players and exploring vast virtual environments. The player count for the last 3 months as per steam is as under :-

March 2023 18,965.8 +1,716.8 +9.95% 30,247
February 2023 17,249.0 -1,493.7 -7.97% 25,637
January 2023 18,742.6 +2,002.7 +11.96% 25,592
December 2022 16,740.0 +1,988.4 +13.48% 23,127
November 2022        

Black Desert Online Mods

All PC games have mod communities that helps in improving the gaming experience. Mods vary from simple UI adjustments to more significant modifications to gameplay. Sadly they do not allow modding of any kind in BDO.  You risk permanent account ban if you indulge in this activity.Perhaps with banning mods outright, it removes most of the security loopholes and exploits that could exist.

Black Desert Online Dungeons

Black Desert Online features various types of dungeons and challenges which players can conquer and explore. The dungeons provide unique rewards as well as challenges and storyline and are a great option to improve your character.

Black Desert Online Tier List

A Tier list is a list of classes or characters determined by their efficiency in combat. Black Desert Online has a Tier list for all its classes. This could be useful for players looking to find out which classes are considered the most powerful.

Black Desert Online VPN

MMORPG games like Black Desert Online needs to keep up with real-time gameplay  between players all over the world which requires huge amount of bandwidth and processing power. Thus many players having weak internet connections struggle to keep up with the game pace, leading to negative effects like gameplay lag and latency. These issues can be solved with a VPN which allows to enjoy fast, stable, unrestricted access to Black Desert Online anywhere in the world.  However, players must take note that using the VPN can be a violation of the game’s terms and conditions of service and may result in account suspension or even termination. Please do your due diligence before installing a VPN.

Black Desert Online New Classes

Black Desert Online regularly introduces new classes, each having distinctive abilities, weapons, and game style. These classes typically are introduced through expansions or updates as well as offering new opportunities and challenges for players.

Games Like Black Desert Online

Fans of Black Desert Online may want to explore other MMORPGs offering similar features and gameplay.  There are many games available some of which are Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online.  These games offer huge worlds, rich lore and exciting combat strategies.

Black Desert Online Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming is a subscription service provided by Amazon that offers a variety of advantages in exchange for Amazon Prime members. Black Desert Online occasionally offers rewards in-game for Prime Gaming members, such as exclusive skins or other items.


Most frequent questions and answers

Black Desert Online is not completely free, but it does offer a trial period of 7 days to all new players. There are 3 editions of the game which you can purchase, Traveler ($10), Explorer ($40) and Conqueror ($90). There are promotional sales that keeps happening during which you can even get this game for little as $1.

There are various ways to level up in Black Desert Online which are by completing quests, defeating enemies as well as exploring the game’s universe.

Yes, Black Desert Online is a massively multiplayer game which allows you to play with other players.  For playing with your friends you all need to join the same server.  

Although Black Desert Online does offer the option of in-game purchases but it is not a game that is pay-to-win. Players are able to progress and have fun without having to spend any money.

You can join an organization within Black Desert Online by interacting with an NPC who is a guild master or looking for guilds on communities on the site’s forum.

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