Best Mobile Games for Couples

Mobile gaming has emerged as one of the most popular ways to entertain yourself and enjoy time with your family or friends. With so many games to choose from it can become a bit overwhelming to find the best  mobile games for couples. We have created a list of some great 2 player phone games.  These games have been divided into three categories competitive, cooperative and puzzle games for ease of selection.  

Best Mobile Games for Couples

Competitive Games

Competitive games are those games where experienced players utilize their expertise and skills to beat their opponents. It is interesting to know that there are many professional competitive players who spend hours practicing and perfecting their gaming skills. There are many games and sports competitions where these type of experienced competitive players participate.  They make tons of money winning these games. Such community of professional competitors grow rapidly each year across all platforms. Although its primary audience lies in computer games, mobile devices also has quite a few games.   Some best mobile games for couples in the in the competitive category gaming are listed below :

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile, is a battle royale game in which players battle each other to be the last one standing. It’s a game with fast paced action, that requires quick reactions and strategic thinking. The players can play in teams of two and collaborate to defeat the opponents. The game is free on both iOS as well as Android devices.

While it’s one of the best mobile games for couples, there are certain countries which have banned the PUBG game. These are India. China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Korea, Jordan, Nepal, Israel, Iraq and Pakistan. There may be some more countries.  The main reason given for banning the PUBG game was that it was too addictive, did not care about the health of its users and doesn’t warn users about the harmful effects of screen time and encourages violence. Bull shit some people would say because there is so much content available on TV and internet that also needs to be banned.


Fortnite is another popular battle royale game that allows players to join forces and battle against their opponents or foes. It is among one of the best android games for couples as you can play with your partner and battle together against your opponents. Fortnite is free to play and is available on iOS as well as on Android.

Fortnite is a good choice if you are looking for bet mobile games for couples but it may not be available on the normal google app store for download.  However to download and install the game on mobile follow the following instructions :-

Go to Fortnite’s website on your android device.

Select Play Fortnite on Android

Select Download Now

Pick Download Anyway

Open the file and install it. (You might need to allow installing from external sources if you haven’t already)

Select Open

Select Get next to Fortnite



Clash Royale 

Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game that is in the Clash Universe, which combines elements of card games and tower defense. Clash Royale is also one of the popular 2 player phone games where players can team up with a friend and fight with other groups. It is completely free and can be played on both iOS as well as Android.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is an exciting, action packed, multiplayer game in which players fight against for survival others and kill them to be the last one to be standing and emerge winner.  The players can form a team with a friend and battle against their opponents. The game offers a variety of game modes, all of which has distinct goals. The players can choose from a variety of Brawlers, characters that can be controlled using joysticks on the screen during a match. The game is completely free and is available to play on iOS or Android.

Cooperative Games

Games that are cooperative (co-op games) are a kind of game or sport that involves players working together to accomplish a common goal. The purpose of a cooperative game is to reduce competition and to increase focus on the social aspects of sports or play. In the business world cooperative games are usually used as team-building exercises. Cooperative games focus on predicting the coalitions that will be formed, the collective actions groups must adopt, and the payouts for all the groups. Some best mobile games for couples in the in the cooperative category gaming are listed below :


Minecraft is a well-known sandbox game in which players discover, design homes, and construct castles.  It also allows players to work together to make weapons, armor, mine resources and fight off dangerous mobs. This game is available for purchase on both iOS and Android. You can try the the minecraft trial version for free. If you like it, you can then consider purchasing the full version.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a simulation game for farming where players are able to create and manage their own farms. Players can join forces to construct their own farm, plant crops and raise animals. The game is available for purchase on both iOS and Android platforms. Stardew Valley is the recipient of numerous game awards, such as Winner of Golden Joystick, Breakthrough Award, BAFTA Games Award etc.

Among Us

Among Us is a social deduction game in which players team up to locate and get rid of an impostor that is hiding among them. Players can form a team with a friend and work together in order to identify the impostor who is determined to kill everyone and sabotage the spaceship. Beware the impostor is bent on creating chaos for easier kills. The game is free and is available to play on iOS as well as Android.


Terraria is an 2D Sandbox game in which players can play, explore and fight together. Teams of players will fight to win fortune, survival, and glory in this world. Players can dive deep into vast expanses of caves, explore new terrains as well as fight off foes. You can also build your own cities.  Terraria was one of the top selling games of 2022, selling 44 million copies. It is currently available to purchases on iOS as well as Android.


Spaceteam is a cooperative game that can be played by 2 to 8 players in which players collaborate to navigate their spaceship through a variety of challenges. Each player is given several controls that influence the ship’s movements and they must coordinate with their fellow players before the time runs out. There’s a feeling of anxiety when the ship is falling apart and you try to escape an exploding star. The game is free to download on iOS or Android.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games include games with a goal of solving puzzles. The majority of them are classic logic, word, or tile-matching games. Over the years, the genre of puzzle games have evolved to include stories and complex challenges to solve before moving on to the next level. Some best mobile games for couples in the in the puzzle category gaming are listed below :

Words With Friends 2 Classic

Words With Friends 2 Classic is a well-known word game that lets players compete against one another in real-time. This game allows players to workout their brains by challenging their family members to crossword, scramble and puzzles. You can also find your perfect match online to play one-on-one. Search for the words with the highest scores on the board and solve crossword puzzles. The game is completely free and can be played on both iOS as well as Android.


2048 is a simple addictive puzzle game in which players join tiles to get 2048. 2048 is among the most effective brain-teasing and stimulating games for adults. The players can collaborate to complete the challenge and beat the highest score. The game is free to play and can be played on iOS as well as Android. It is also possible to play offline after downloading.


QuizDuel can be described as a sport in which you’ll be able to challenge the brain’s reflexes while you compete against your friends and other players from all over the globe. You can play on your own or compete against random players in the arena. You can also participate in quiz competitions that boost your stats as you race to beat your opponents.


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