Ayurvedic expert shares ‘anti-ageing’ juice for good health and great skin

Experts often suggest including colourful foods in one’s diet to stay healthy and fit, along with regular physical activity. But fresh fruits and vegetables also help boost your immunity, which is extremely important in today’s times. If you have never really thought about including fresh greens in your morning routine, here’s why you should start now.

Ayurvedic expert Amrita Kaur shared this “anti-ageing potion” comprising seasonal vegetables and fruits that can come to one’s rescue.

Sharing that her 42-year-old sister makes the concoction every morning, Kaur went on to share how her 42-year-old sister also manages to run 21k without feeling tired.

Take a look.

Here’s how to make the potion.


Sweet lime
Fresh haldi (turmeric)
Bottle gourd


*Blend together into a juice.

Kaur shared that the concoction is good for energy levels as well as the skin.

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