As Chattisgarh’s vaccination website throws up bugs, officials forced to take offline route

The vaccination booking website commisioned by Chhattisgarh has allegedly been beset with “glitches” within days of being launched, forcing district officials to continue with manual registrations.

Meanwhile, Health Department Deputy Secretary Surendra Singh Baghe Sunday sent a strongly-worded letter to the CEO of CHiPS (Chhattisgarh Infotech Promotion Society), complaining of “non-cooperation” from the firm.

CHiPS is building the portal named CG Teeka which is supposed to allot people slots for vaccination, like the Centre’s CoWin portal.

But the site, inaugurated by Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on May 12, can be used only to register, based on one’s district, block and exact locality. The portal states that currently only registrations are open, and slots will be allotted as per availablity of the vaccination centers. It has also not made the mobile number column mandatory.

According to deputy secretary Baghe, almost all districts are facing issues with the portal.

“Worse is that there is absolutely no official ready to listen to these issues,” Baghe wrote. In his letter, he raised issues related to the server on which the app stores data. “From the past two days, you are being made aware of complaints regarding the servers,” said the letter, adding, “Despite requests made by the department, there is no 24×7 help desk to resolve issues.”

According to sources, the app has manifold issues. “We are getting the database of people who have registered, but the slot alloting is being done manually, as the website stops at only data collation,” a district official from Raipur said. A District official from Bastar division added, “We are having to do the slot allotment manually, so it is much better to do the entire registration manually.”

Another district official requesting anonymity said, ‘It is also not being able to take the registration, as people are doing multiple registrations in the hope of getting a slot fast. The traffic is too much for the servers.”

Health secretary Alok Shukla said that the portal did have issues, but they were all solved within hours on Sunday. “The servers have been reconfigured, CHiPS has initiated a 24×7 help center with officials being available through the day,” he said. He added, “The portal saw a record amount of traffic and thus developed some glitches, as web portals are wont to do. However, we have registered more than 3 lakh people already, with more than 1.5 lakh registered only on Sunday. This shows that the portal is working.”

The districts however are still working manually, as the website is providing them with only collated data. Officials believe that the data might be difficult to track due to lack of mobile numbers, or exact address.