365 Escape Games: The Best Online Escape Room Guide

In recent times, escape games have grown very popular as these games they provide an exciting and unique adventure.  There are so many different kinds and categories of escape games that it is difficult to decide from where to begin. Enter 365 Escape Games which is an excellent choice for players seeking a varieties of games and levels of challenges.  If you have come here to gain an in depth knowledge about the 365 escape games then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will study in detail as to what makes this game so special and the reasons why you should be playing it.

What exactly is an Escape Game

First of all let us try to understand what exactly is an escape game.  In majority of the games there is a common element and that is something is locked.  You primary objective is to unlock, escape or break out. Sometimes it can be a door or a set boxes, or a safe to unlock for which you just have to point and click.  There would be a lot of puzzles to solve and unlocking of new area or rooms. Sometime you unlock some object and pick it up for use at a later time. While playing the escape game you are on your own throughout the game. The game is thrilling right from the beginning as you have to discover the best solutions to the puzzles. There will be an interesting story but without dialogues.  There is also no time limit and you can do all the research you need to proceed in the game.

What is 365 Escape Games?

365 Escape Games is an online  site that has a huge collection of escape games. In fact is has one of the most comprehensive collection of flash based escape games and new games are added frequently.  That is exactly the USP of this website and is what distinguishes the 365 Escape Games different from other websites offering escape games.  If you are new to escape games, we suggest you try these interesting games.

How do you play the 365 days of Escape Games

Playing 365 Escape Games is very easy. You just have to visit the website and select one game that interests you.  Each game comes with its own set of problems which you have to solve.  The aim and the goal of these games is to escape the virtual world you are trapped in by solving the different puzzles. Players have to use their logic and reasoning to try to escape from these rooms.  The game has different story line and difficulty level, suitable for all levels of players, whether kids or old players.  

Why should you play 365 Escape Games?

365 stands for 365 days.  In another words in 365 escape games you can play and enjoy an exhilarating escape game each day of the year. You can test and improve problem-solving abilities and skills by playing different kinds of challenges and puzzles.  I am sure these games will keep you hooked up.

Another reason you should play escape games is that it has many other advantages. You can improve your analytical thinking, problem solving skills and improve decision making skills. 365 Escape Games have a vibrant community of players which allows them to interact with each other, make friends and share experiences.

Popular 365 Escape Games

With a variety of escape games to choose, you will never be out of choices. The most popular 365 escape games which are played most are “Escape The Office,”” “Escape The Carnival of Crazy” along with “Escape the Hotel Room.” You can play these games which have a unique and challenging storyline of its own.  There are scores of games in 365 site which are divided into different categories in the following manner.

Room Escape Games

room-escape-gamesIn the room escape games, all the games contain minimum one puzzle. The rooms usually have a locked entrance and various other objects.  Your objective is to find out these objects, hidden clues and compartments while you work your way through the rooms  until you unlock all of them and reach the finish line.

Scary Escape Games

scary-escape-gamesThis is not for the faint hearted.  Just joking.  In this category you are put into scary and cursed house. Your object is to locate your way out from these terrifying places.  You have to follow the directions given and use your skills to solve the puzzles to get out from these horrifying houses. 

Adventure Games


In the adventure escape games your aim would be to accomplish an arduous task in order for escape.  You can make your escape in a vehicle, train or any other thing. Interesting isnt it.

Outdoor Escape Games

outdoor-escape-gamesThe outdoor escape game takes place outside in an open area or space.  The objective of this kind of game is to get out of the open spaces by solving various puzzles and accomplishing various challenges.

Puzzle Escape Games

puzzle-escape-gamesLike the name suggests, in the puzzle escape games, the aim of the game is to find hidden objects and solve the puzzles.  You have a choice of selecting the difficulty level which can be quite interesting.


To conclude, it can be said that 365 Escape Games is an excellent option for players looking for this kind of games.  The  games can be both relaxing and challenging. There are so many varieties and categories to choose from. So why not try 365 Escape Games and discover for yourself how far you can get away and escape?

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