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The Fourth Player, a video game podcast from the mouths and minds of people from the land of the video game. Developers, marketers, journalists and players talk about our experiences with the games we love and loathe. The podcast collects the views, values and stories of four people from different backgrounds. We are like the four elements of hip-hop, but not cool. At all.

Paul Houlihan


After many years working on marketing campaigns for games good and bad, Paul combines his knowledge and love of games with his experience working within the walls of big publishers

  • Perceived Sporting Prowess 85%
  • Responsibility 60%
  • Baldness 100%

Ben Abbott


Starting as QA and finishing his tenure in games as a Producer, Ben’s time inside dev studios provides him with insight into how games are made, and the why behind production decisions.

  • Charm 100%
  • Humility 5%
  • Awesomeness 100%

Nathan Cocks


Nathan began writing for PC PowerPlay magazine more than a decade ago and has been moonlighting as a freelance game critic ever since. A proud member of the PC master race.

  • Actual Sporting Prowess 5%
  • Greyness 80%
  • Beardiness 100%

Max Laughton


While the youngest of the group, Max’s ability to critically access videogames in popular culture provides the important perspective of the people who buy and play videogames.

  • Sobriety 101%
  • Amusing T-Shirts 90%
  • Youthfulness 100%


Yeah we know stuff about stuff


Following his tenure as Senior PR Manager with publishers including THQ, Capcom and Sega, Paul worked for PR agencies with clients including the WWE and Razer. He is a freelance writer for outlets including Ausgamers, Official PlayStation Magazine, Hyper Magazine, Vooks, and has appeared on ABC TV’s Good Games as well as hosting and appearing on panels for PAX Australia.


After departing game development with years spent at Rockstar North, Blue Tongue Entertainment, Real Time Worlds and time he would prefer to forget at Atari, Ben is now the General Manager of one of Melbourne’s leading digital agencies.


A freelance games critic for over ten years, Nathan is primarily known for his work in PC Powerplay but has also written for publications and websites such as Hyper Magazine, Official Playstation Magazine and Games.On.Net.  A PC gamer at heart, Nathan is still pining over the closure of Looking Glass Studios and Troika.


Born sometime between the release of the Super Nintendo and the first retirement of Michael Jordan, Max is a child of the internet. Sport, videogames and wrestling are his triforce, and he has built a following at the popular podcast Smart Wrestling Fan where he co-hosts.


Thoughts and musings in written form from the guys.

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