The Fourth Player - Ep.106 – Shin Megami Mirages

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We are a videogame podcast from the mouths and minds of people from the land of the videogame. We are a collection of current and former developers, publishers, journalists and players who talk about the games we love and loathe.

—The Fourth Player


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Max, Ben and Nathan explore space in No Man’s Sky, swipe left in Reigns and learn about hentai sub-genres. We’re as confused as you.

Episode 104

With no Paul to be found, join Ben, Max and Nathan as they talk Double Fine’s Head Lander, the Nintendo NX and Overwatch. No hair was harmed in the recording of this episode.

Episode 103

In this episode, we discuss the rise & eventually fall of Pokemon GO, surges in popularity & how the model of a game impacts how we play. We answer some emails, & give thanks to our mates at Games Lab & Gamebug.

Episode 102

The team discuss the hit PokemonGo now it is released across Australia, and how the European developed B-grade game ‘The Technomancer’ makes Paul happy


Meet the boys


Paul “Hoops” Houlihan worked in Public Relations for publishers including THQ, Capcom and Sega. He now writes about games, plays boardgames and basketball. All awkwardly.



Ben Abbott worked as a game developer in everything from QA to Producer for studios including Rockstar North, Real Time Worlds, Atari and Bluetongue.

Nathan 'ElPrez' Cocks


Nathan “Space Wizard” Cocks has been writing about videogames for over a decade for outlets including PC PowerPlay, Hyper Magazine, Official PlayStation Magazine and Games.On.Net


Max 'dshban' Laughton

Max “dshban” Laughton has been playing and thinking critically about videogames his entire life and is a co-host of popular podcast, Smart Wrestling Fan.


Thoughts and musings in written form from the guys.


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